“For 2 weeks I have had the privilege to be team manager of Team Neptuns Christmas Camp in Phuket, Thailand. In my point of view a perfect camp at a “boarding school” but with no feeling of being trapped at the same place. A flexible transport system and close to shopping and beaches between the workouts eliminates the feeling of living within a gated, secure environment. You have the privilege to live off the tourist areas during the nights wit security 24h but yet able to access it all during the days. From a medical point of view we had a great camp with 197 of 200 workouts (out of 20 swimmers) as at proof that Thailand is a clean and nice place with high hygiene standard with low risk of colds and stomach illness that will affect training. It is important to do a careful acclimatization the first 5 days during both time change and heat acclimatization occurs. After adaptation you have the optimal training environment with generous nourishment included in the price!”